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GI Joe IDW Cover 1
In February of this year, IDW decided to go a rather controversial route and reboot their GI Joe comic. While they continued some of their previous continuity, they also started an entirely new “main” Joe comic with Fred van Lenten and Steve Kurth at the helm. Traditionally the GI Joe comic has been entirely devoted to the Real American Hero mythos, but this new comic features nods to the Adventure Team more prominently than any other Joe comic before it.

Joe Comic 1
Of course, as cool as that is, the neatest part of the current Joe revamp has been the “Retailer Incentive” covers from Ryan Dunlavey. In the first three issues, he’s made a cover detailing the history of GI Joe as a toy. The artwork is fantastic and fun. Up first is the debut of Joe…

Joe Comic 2
The whimsical style and stunningly accurate history of GI Joe as a toy makes for a great cover to the new comic. In fact, it’s a much better cover than any of the regular versions. We here at would love to see Dunlavey do a special Adventure Team comic in this style. Get on it IDW!

Ask your local comic shop to order the retailer incentive version and check out the cover for yourself. Next time, we take a look at the story inside the new GI Joe comic and it’s ties to the Adventure Team!

Sea Adventurer Ask
Lots of websites have advice columns, but only Adventure Team Headquarters has wisdom straight from the Adventure Team’s own salty sage, the Sea Adventurer! Got a question about vintage GI Joes? Ask him! Need advice on picking up the ladies? Ask the Sea Adventurer! Want tricks on fixing a 57 Chevy carburetor? Ask him! Send your questions to the Sea Adventurer and have them answered right here!

Dear Sea Adventurer,

Every year I save up money to go to the GI Joe Convention, but every year something comes up to stop me from getting there. Do you think I should give up the ghost, or should I keep trying?

– Conless in Seattle

Dear Conless,

What has been stopping you from getting to the con? Is it the Intruders? Those guys ruin everything! You know, we had a good thing going until they showed up. Everybody took the Adventure Team seriously, but then, here comes Captain Caveman and his Neanderthal friends and suddenly we’re the laughing stock of the toy aisl-err, secret military task force division.

Anyway, the best way to deal with an Intruder is a clever trap. Might I suggest a big box with a bucket full of meatloaf under it. Then when the Intruder gets to the meatloaf, pull the box down over their head. Proceed to then set them on fire with the Adventure Team Solar-Powered Flamethrower¬© and call it a day. Remember, it’s not murder if you’re doing it to an Intruder!

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