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Every year the official GI Joe  Club has two exclusive sets for their annual convention. Each set caters to a particular sect of the collecting community. One is for the 3 3/4 fans, while the other is for the 12″ faithfuls. This year, given that GI Joe turns 50, they’ve rolled out a very special set for fans of the 12″ original GI Joes. It contains a homage to the original classic Joe Green Beret set, with a special tiger stripe camouflage. Adding to the set is a Adventure Team style figure, featuring the Land Adventurer. He is wearing a pair of tan pants and a black AT shirt.

GI Joe Club Convention Set

The set is rounded out with a 3 3/4 figure of Joe Colton as he appeared in his debut in the original Marvel Comics run. That figure is perhaps the most sought after in the set, but has divided some fans as many 12″ collectors don’t want the 3 3/4 figure, while lots of 3 3/4 collectors do. For what it’s worth, we think the 3 3/4 Colton looks great and is a very nice bonus. It’s a shame he’s being stuck in such an expensive set and not in the FSS (Figure Subscription Service) instead.

Also included in the set is a standard issue Adventure Team Black Shoulder Holster with Lebel Revolver, M-16, Black Hunting Rifle; Tan belt with Canteen and cover; Duffel Bag featuring AT logo; Map with Map Case; Rope; and a Gold Tone AT Dog Tag. All together, it’s a nice set, but as with all GI Joe Club Convention exclusives, it’s expected to retail in the hundreds.


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