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Here’s all the Kre-O codes for fans who are looking for them. There’s been an Adventure Team figure in every series!

KREO Codes

The codes are printed in the top corner. The key to the number is the two top digits.

Series 1:
23401 75 Alley Viper
23401 76 Cobra Ninja Viper
23401 77 Cobra Trooper
23401 78 Crimson Guard
23401 79 Cobra Axe Ninja
23401 80 Jinx (Kim Arashikage)
23401 81 Kamakura
23401 82 Quick Kick
23401 83 Rock-N-Roll
23401 84 Scarlett
23401 86 Torpedo
23401 85 Adventure Team Commander

Series 2:
31831 58 BAT
31831 78 Land Adventurer
31831 79 Mutt & Junkyard
31831 80 Flash
31831 81 Tunnel Rat
31831 82 Snow Job
31831 83 Blowtorch
31831 84 Slice
31831 85 Ripper
31831 86 Eels
31831 87 Dr. Mindbender
31831 88 Major Bludd

Series 3:
33501 53 Footloose
33501 54 Lady Jaye
33501 44 Nunchuk
33501 52 Flight Jet Trooper
33501 03 Polar Assault Eel
33501 05 Torch
33501 66 Scrap Iron
33501 51 Carl “Doc” Greer
33501 43 Night Creeper
33501 04 Crimson Guard Tomax
33501 86 Low Light
33501 50 Atomic Man

As the GI Joe brand turns 50 this year, I expected a lot of things. A few more gray hairs, slight loss in my Kung-Fu grip and of course, premature swivel arm battle grip. But what I didn’t expect was all the doom and gloom.

The End
In the past few weeks, all I’ve heard from Joe fans is how everything is coming to an end. As if somehow surviving the changing tides for 50 years, wasn’t proof enough that Joe is tough to kill! So I wanted to let my fellow fuzzheads out there know a dirty little secret… GI Joe isn’t going anywhere.

Hasbro may have lessened their offerings, but Joe isn’t dead. The Rock may have tarnished our name, but Joe isn’t dead. The Club may be settling for something much smaller than 12 inches, but Joe isn’t dead. The world of GI Joe has had it’s ebbs and flows and it always will. The Adventure Team faces their toughest challenge to date, extinction… But fear not, just like we kicked the ass of that pygmy gorilla, so too shall we overcome this adversity.

The truth is, there’s LOTS to celebrate. Cotswold Collectibles is providing 12 inch fans with some of the most creative sets available in years. Ebay is a treasure trove of goodies. Our close cousin Geyperman is back out on assignment. And the GI Joe Club hasn’t completely forsaken us.

And lest we forget, that while Real American Hero fans and Adventure Team fans may not always get along, we fight for a similar common good. And Hasbro, for it’s faults, has given us a treat. Right now, you can buy an Adventure Team figure on the shelves. Sure, it might be Mike Power (but he’s part of our team dagnabbit!) and it might be in Kre-O form… But it’s still emblazoned with AT goodness all the same.

So don’t let the little things worry you. I know you’re older and you’re quicker to worry about things, but take heed. Remember when they said the chest wench was illogical? But yet, we saved many lives with that gear. How many old prospectors would be dead in a hole if not for the power of the chest wench? And it worked, because you believed. We must continue to believe.

GI Joe and the Adventure Team will always live on. We have strength as a community, as a concept and in the power of our Kung-Fu Grip hearts. This is not the end my friends… It’s merely but the beginning.

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