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We knew that Comrade of Action was a bit of a different fella. Not only does he enjoy cold weather and drinking vodka, but apparently he’s a bit of a pervert too. At least, that’s how it seems with these new 1/6 scale Russian Playboy magazines from Bad Mother Customs. They’re available now on Ebay, but we thought we’d show them off here a bit. While we don’t necessarily approve of “adults only” type of material in the Adventure Team, it’s hard not to appreciate the ingenuity in these.


It’s pretty amusing that the Comrade of Action would be the one to bring these into the ATHQ. Why these are “Russian” versions of Playboy, I’ll never know. They even have interior pages, making these essentially a full fledged 1/6 Playboy for your Joes.

I’m sure that the Commander won’t approve of these. But we know the Sea Adventurer will!

* – Photos from Bad Mother Customs Ebay Auction and has no affiliation with, GI Joe, Hasbro, Playboy or the Adventure Team.

Well what do you know? Coca Cola has finally decided to immortalize the Adventure Team with two new Coke cans. Check them out and pay homage to the AT with these swank new cans.

Coke Can

You can purchase them in stores now.

Explorer can1Explorer can22
* – Cans are not really sponsored by the Adventure Team. But we know who you were thinking about Coca Cola…

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