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The GI Joe Adventure Team never actually had a trading card set. When you think about that, it’s an odd omission. Consider that they had every other popular item of the 1970s. From lunchboxes to Colorforms, the Adventure Team had it all. Except trading cards. That is, until now! Every couple of weeks I will be posting up a trading card designed in a vintage style representing a bit of a “What if” for the GI Joe Adventure Team. Today I unveil the first card.

Tall Yellow AT Card 1

The first of many!

AT Card Back1

The cards are designed to give a hint of a story, but in classic Adventure Team tradition, they won’t give a full story. Instead it’s up to you to decide where the adventure goes from there. I thought that would have been a fun way to make the cards stand out back then.

The GI Joe Collector’s Club has been adding a variety of new items to their store, despite the rumors for the last few years that 12″ was dead to the club. First up is the pre-orders for the new Lost Talkers, allowing you to complete the set of four. Then they released a limited edition Air Security figure with full outfit (which has since sold out). Now they are offering up two “custom” items.

Just when you thought the Club was done with accessories...

Just when you thought the Club was done with accessories…

First up is the Air Security accessories. These were items that were included in the recent “Backyard Patrol” figure release. So if you missed out on that figure, at least you can get part of him. But it’s the second item that I found more intriguing.

Who's this for?

Who’s this for?

The Club is now selling a custom “slouch” hat. This isn’t from any previously released sets, so it’s a bit of a mystery why they’re selling it now. But it appears to be a custom made accessory and the Club is encouraging you to buy it for use on customs. It sure does look like a good sign to me that the GI Joe Collector’s Club is still cranking out new stuff and sweet surprises.

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