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Photos credit to the GI Joe Collector’s Club

Here’s the first detailed look at the 2017 GI Joe Collector’s Club exclusive free figure, the Man of Mysteries: The Arcane Adventurer.

The Arcane Adventurer has a lot of really cool gear. Check out that sheet of hieroglyphics and special gun cartridges.

This guy is the newest member of the GI Joe Adventure Team, and he’s one part X-Files and one part Fringe. He’s designed to help deal with all the supernatural and cryptozoological elements that the AT keep encountering. He’s seen it all and yeah, it may have given him a grey streak in his hair, but he’s more than equipped to handle it.

The figure ships free to members in nothing but his turtleneck sweater and boxer shorts. That’s your free gift as part of the GI Joe Collector’s Club.

In addition, you can buy his outfit and gear separately in the GI Joe Club store.

And if you missed out on the sign-up period (that was until this past March) you can buy him separately with his gear at the GI Joe Club store.

This is probably one of the nicest, most elaborate 12″ figure sets that the GI Joe Club has come up with in quite some time. He has a special ruby AT dog tag, glow in the dark “laser” sword, glow in the dark mummy’s tomb, plus a whole host of other cool stuff including goggles and gun. This is a great set. Can’t wait until it shows up.

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