It’s time for another Adventure Team Photo of the Week this time from over at the Action Man Mobile Ops Forums where ActionYankee showed off this great kitbash of a 40th Action Man fuzzhead. This is the sort of intense battle we could see any Adventure Team fan falling into. And while this is technically the AT’s British cousin, it’s still a fantastic photo.

Action Man 40th, GI Joe, 12"

When trouble happens, call the Blue Berets for some serious artillery!

He’s dubbed this guy the Blue Beret Heavy Weapons specialist, and you can see why. Here’s what this is comprised of: Action Man Blue Beret Soldier ( Named Sean), 1 40th Action Man Infantry and Support Weapons set, several sandbags, a Timeless Joe Bazooka and Shells, and a Timeless Joe Holster and .45. Now that’s an arsenal anyone would be fearful of!

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