It’s been a while since we’ve done an Adventure Team Photo of the Week but it seemed like now was a good time to get back into things. This photo is from Stan J. Koy, posted up on one of the Facebook Adventure Team groups. Hopefully Stan doesn’t mind us reposting here, because it’s such a nice bit of photography. And it’s pre-digital era too, which makes it even sweeter.

Now that's a volcano jumper!

Now that’s a volcano jumper!

Here’s what Stan had to say about the photo, “Proof once again that The Adventure Team Has The Situation Controlled! My still favorite- a muscle body Land Adventurer whom restarted my 12″ Joe passion in the late 1980’s, here on my honeymoon in Hawaii, hiking the Iki Trail on Kilauea on March 20th, 1998! I was on a budget- so that was an orange jumpsuit and not the Volcano Jumper one…but I’ve fixed and completed that for him since!”

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