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Photos credit to the GI Joe Collector’s Club

Here’s the first detailed look at the 2017 GI Joe Collector’s Club exclusive free figure, the Man of Mysteries: The Arcane Adventurer.

The Arcane Adventurer has a lot of really cool gear. Check out that sheet of hieroglyphics and special gun cartridges.

This guy is the newest member of the GI Joe Adventure Team, and he’s one part X-Files and one part Fringe. He’s designed to help deal with all the supernatural and cryptozoological elements that the AT keep encountering. He’s seen it all and yeah, it may have given him a grey streak in his hair, but he’s more than equipped to handle it.

The figure ships free to members in nothing but his turtleneck sweater and boxer shorts. That’s your free gift as part of the GI Joe Collector’s Club.

In addition, you can buy his outfit and gear separately in the GI Joe Club store.

And if you missed out on the sign-up period (that was until this past March) you can buy him separately with his gear at the GI Joe Club store.

This is probably one of the nicest, most elaborate 12″ figure sets that the GI Joe Club has come up with in quite some time. He has a special ruby AT dog tag, glow in the dark “laser” sword, glow in the dark mummy’s tomb, plus a whole host of other cool stuff including goggles and gun. This is a great set. Can’t wait until it shows up.

The GI Joe Collector’s Club has been adding a variety of new items to their store, despite the rumors for the last few years that 12″ was dead to the club. First up is the pre-orders for the new Lost Talkers, allowing you to complete the set of four. Then they released a limited edition Air Security figure with full outfit (which has since sold out). Now they are offering up two “custom” items.

Just when you thought the Club was done with accessories...

Just when you thought the Club was done with accessories…

First up is the Air Security accessories. These were items that were included in the recent “Backyard Patrol” figure release. So if you missed out on that figure, at least you can get part of him. But it’s the second item that I found more intriguing.

Who's this for?

Who’s this for?

The Club is now selling a custom “slouch” hat. This isn’t from any previously released sets, so it’s a bit of a mystery why they’re selling it now. But it appears to be a custom made accessory and the Club is encouraging you to buy it for use on customs. It sure does look like a good sign to me that the GI Joe Collector’s Club is still cranking out new stuff and sweet surprises.

The GI Joe Collector’s Club has released a new mock up of the upcoming 2016 subscription figure, which is an all new version of the Atomic Man himself, Mike Power. This figure looks great, with a revamped head sculpt to make him look a bit tougher as the old sculpt was a bit Ken-like. He now has two atomic powered legs and his eye will now feature an LED light. Plus his skivvies that he comes in, will include shoes and is based on the vintage uniform from the Secret Mountain Outpost. It’s all together a great redo of the classic character.

Mike looks better than ever, with LED eye, two bionic legs and a revamped head sculpt.

Mike looks better than ever, with LED eye, two bionic legs and a revamped head sculpt.

As always the Club has created a uniform set for their free figure and Mike Power’s is called Field Mission Alpha. It’s got a ton of cool gear, much of which hasn’t been available for a while. The uniform itself is also based on the classic Mike Power short sleeve style. This new Atomic Man will look awesome all geared up.

His new mission pack will be sold separately.

His new mission pack will be sold separately.

It should be noted this is a “mock up” and while the sculpt is final, it’s only in digital format. As we saw with Doctor Isotope, minor changes could occur between now and release date. Make sure you sign up to the GIJCC before March 2016, so you can insure you get your hands on the all new Atomic Man, Mike Power!

The GI Joe Club have finally uploaded the Doctor Isotope accessory set to the GI Joe Club Store. This is the first time that the gear has been made available. The set includes Radiation Shielded Jacket and Pants (jacket has glow in the dark insignia), Boots, Gloves, Vision Goggles, and 2 Radiation Focus Blasters (guns). It’s a pretty nice looking set and it only runs $35, which is pretty good overall.

All this for $35!

All this for $35!

I do wish the guns looked a bit more sci-fi and the boots should be silver, in my view, but for what it is, it’s not bad.

Catch Doctor Isotope while you can. Just be sure to wear some protective gloves! He's radioactive, ya know!

Catch Doctor Isotope while you can. Just be sure to wear some protective gloves! He’s radioactive, ya know!

You can also pick up Doctor Isotope himself, the evil nuclear menace, if you haven’t already for $45.

Or save some cash and get the evil doctor and his gear for $70!

Every year the official GI Joe  Club has two exclusive sets for their annual convention. Each set caters to a particular sect of the collecting community. One is for the 3 3/4 fans, while the other is for the 12″ faithfuls. This year, given that GI Joe turns 50, they’ve rolled out a very special set for fans of the 12″ original GI Joes. It contains a homage to the original classic Joe Green Beret set, with a special tiger stripe camouflage. Adding to the set is a Adventure Team style figure, featuring the Land Adventurer. He is wearing a pair of tan pants and a black AT shirt.

GI Joe Club Convention Set

The set is rounded out with a 3 3/4 figure of Joe Colton as he appeared in his debut in the original Marvel Comics run. That figure is perhaps the most sought after in the set, but has divided some fans as many 12″ collectors don’t want the 3 3/4 figure, while lots of 3 3/4 collectors do. For what it’s worth, we think the 3 3/4 Colton looks great and is a very nice bonus. It’s a shame he’s being stuck in such an expensive set and not in the FSS (Figure Subscription Service) instead.

Also included in the set is a standard issue Adventure Team Black Shoulder Holster with Lebel Revolver, M-16, Black Hunting Rifle; Tan belt with Canteen and cover; Duffel Bag featuring AT logo; Map with Map Case; Rope; and a Gold Tone AT Dog Tag. All together, it’s a nice set, but as with all GI Joe Club Convention exclusives, it’s expected to retail in the hundreds.


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